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Skin Burning sensation worried

Before three month, i was very stressed and afraid that i caught hiv from non risky exposure. One day, i felt something rush from inside to my shoulders and start getting very hot and i felt a sunburn sensation on my shoulders. This feeling remains till now and has spread to my arms, fingers, back, neck and my legs. I feel the burning sometimes under the skin and sometimes on the skin. I wake up every day with redness around my neck and red dots. Can this be anxiety?
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You were advised on the HIV forum that that you had no exposure. 3 months is a long time to be worried about something that can't happen.

Since you had no exposure, so there is nothing to be anxious about, although some people can't accept the science and continue to be anxious.  Anxiety won't cause all those symptoms, but over-analyzing your body can make you think many minor events are serious, and you will tense up and sweat in fear if you are too worried about something.

Therapy is a good option to help you get immediate relief from your baseless worry about HIV, since you do not have it and a one on one discussion may help you to accept that.
Thanks for your reply. Actually am feeling the burning sensation on my shoulders its very painful. I read that anxiety cause sunburn sensation, its more than three month now am worried. I saw a neurologist and he said theres no any disease that has symptoms like this.
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Your mind can make up physical symptoms or sensations if you are under a lot of stress. It's pretty rare, but you should definitely seek therapy, if only for that stress and anxiety. If it really bothers you, you can try seeing a medical doctor to see what they say, and if they say it's nothing to worry about, let that ease your mind.
Thanks for your reply. I already saw a dermatology and neurologist and both saying nothing to worry about. But its more than three month and am having this feeling.
That is why we told you to see a therapist  to try to help you come to grips with the fact you do not have HIV, If you can accept that, your anxiety will go away.
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