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Strange mind sensations

Alright, I've gone to everyone in my family and they all think   I'm making no sense. As far back as I can remember, maybe 15 years, I used to get these 30 sec-2min flashes where I feel like I'm trying to remember something from my past, but I don't know what and I don't know why. I start to get fuzzy headed then my stomachs gets nervous, and it feels hot inside. I have these weird flashes of random incoherent things and all at the same time there's some type of a taste I'm trying to remember. I don't know how to better explain it. Anyway, when I was younger (I'm 28 now) I would do it once every few weeks or so, for about a month now I've been doing it a couple days a week, but for the past two days I've literally been doing it up to 7 times a day. It is fresking me out. I have a history of anxiety and depression, but this doesn't feel the same as having an anxiety attack. If anyone else knows what this is about or what I could do to make it go away I would be forever greatful!
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I have migraines and I will often get a "pre-aura-aura." I know that sounds odd, but sometimes before I get the "normal" aura, I just get a sense in my mind? In my body? I don't know exactly where it is, it's just there.

I HAVE heard that some people with epilepsy know beforehand that they are about to have a seizure. Since there are now service dogs who can warn their owners of an oncoming event, there is obviously SOMTHING they can sense.

I can't say that I've heard of anything like what you are experiencing, and you say nothing of migraines or epilepsy or diabetes............but I DO believe you.

And because I believe you, I would suggest you first have a very thorough physical check up with your doctor and then get a referral to a neurologist. Because these "events" are now happening more frequently, I would see your doctor as soon as possible.

This is nothing more than a guess on my part, but I wonder if it's possibly  just some sort of phenomenon triggered by a particular odor? You say that when this happens to you, it's like you're trying to remember something from your past. It's been very well documented that smell is probably the strongest sense we carry with us from our past. Just a thought.
Please see your doctor and I hope you'll let us know what they figure out.
I wish you the best.
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