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Sudden Anxiety

First of all I am 18 years old. I have had slight anxiety problems in the past that involve nervous habits such as picking/biting my nails. I also tend to overanalyze things, as I have an over-achieving, almost perfectionist mind.

About a week and a half ago after a night of drinking and not sleeping, I went to work from 9am to 3pm (not smart). After I while I started feeling what I now realize are the usual hangover/sleep-deprivation feelings. I would talk to people and do my work feeling like i was in daze and disconnected from the world, only to realize a few minutes later that I didn't know if what I had just said/done was reality or a dream. This caused me to FREAK OUT and have a mild panic attack I believe. I didn't have trouble breathing or anything, but I had extremely real thoughts that I would be stuck like this forever, I would never be the same, etc. I continued to have anxiety for the whole week during the day. It felt like my mind was thinking so much and spinning so fast that I would be disconnected from the outside world at work. I would tune out conversations around me, accidently drop/bump into things, etc. This caused me to work myself up even MORE, wondering if I would ever be the same again. I even had some feelings of depression: thoughts crossed my mind that I would never enjoy things I used to do, such as running, swimming, and working out, and that I would not enjoy being with my friends anymore.

These thoughts/feelings kept me from my normal life for about 6 days. I asked off work and I would sit at home and try to "relax," but this just caused my mind to speed up and I worked myself into a frenzy every day. About three nights during the last week I have woken up startled. One night I even started trembling and had to use the Xanax that I was prescribed this week in case I had another panic attack. I try to stay away from this highly addictive drug, but I have had to use it 3 times in the past 9 or 10 days.

I'm not necessarily having panic attacks any more, but I feel waves of high anxiety at random points during my day. I am basically fearing fear. I am scared that I will always have these terrible thoughts/feelings, so I am making myself constantly think about it! I am now doing my normal daily activities, such as excercising and lifeguarding, but every once in a while these thoughts still cross my mind. When I wake up, the first thing I think about is "will it happen again today."

I don't think that I have a serious anxiety problem that will require Paxil or anything because this JUST started happening after I had my intial scare/attack last week. I think I just have an overractive mind that is causing me to continue thinking these negative thoughts. I am going to Europe in two weeks and thoughts cross my mind about "what if this happens in Europe," and I am moving to New York City in September for school, and I think about "what if this keeps happening then, and I'm not around anyone I know to comfort me."

I'm going to schedule a meeting with a psychiatrist, but I have no clue why this is happening! I think I am just in a cycle of worry that will eventually end when i get tired of worrying. Hopefully I will just wake up one day and realize that I haven't worried in a week. Does this sound realistic? Does anyone have any similar stories or theories about what is causing this?

Help! :(
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I have gone through what you are experiencing and it stinks. I think the reason it all started was due to the fact you were so tired, and your body just sort of zoned out, then, being sort of scared anyway, your mind went into panic mode and being you were probably still tired, it stuck there. When we are tired, we will sometimes have things like anxiety/panic and these feelings will stay with us. I, too, have woken up with a start and worried if I will have the panic that day. For about 5 years, I could do nothing, was afraid to go out, cried all the time, had all kinds of fears, you name it. I went to many doctors only to be told I was in great health, it was in my head, geesh. I went to chirpractors and they adjusted my neck as the vertebrae in my neck that can cause anxiety were out, and these treatments helped more than anything I had done, I still get treated to this day. I have tried all the vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc, they work some, but, nothing to write home about.

You say you are going to Europe soon, well, the stress of as vacation can sometimes cause the panic, so just be aware that it can happen, also, starting school and moving will be a majour stress, so, try to take it easy during these times. Anytime I make a change, I go throught the panic, etc and have to tell myself all is well.

There are two books by Dr Claire Weekes that I feel would really help you. One is called "Hope and Help for your nerves" and the other is called "Peace from nervous suffering" I highly recommend them, I would not be without them. You can probably get them on-line through Borders or Amazon.

I would also add some B vitamins to your diet along with a good, food grade multi-vitamin/mineral complex. Also, try to avoid a lot of refined, white sugar and wheat and complex carbs.

I hope some of this helps you. As I said, I have been there, and I am here to tell you, it will get better. Oh yes, I forgot to add, I am a Christian, and pray has helped me a lot too, I must remember to lean on Him more though.
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