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Tranxene Vs. Valium

Which one is better - which one i.e. knocks you out quicker - My heart is always pulsating I can feel it beating out of my chest even as I type this it's very painful and annoying is there any way I can get either one of these for sleep?
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I've already had 4 ekg's done with nothing showing. I still have pains in my chest as if some one were stabbing me to death..
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I would request to see a cariologist or see about wearing a holter monitor.  It's kind of annoying, you wear it for 30 days, but it can monitor your heart in places where your doctor's can't.... like at home, or wherever you are when these symptoms actually happen.  You push a button and it records your heart and you can send it directly to someone who can tell you whether or not the heart rate was anything to worry about.  This could help them know if you are truly just having a panic attack, or if your heart rate is too fast, or abnormal.  

I have an anxiety disorder.  I have for several years, but I never had a panic attack until one day when my heart started racing really fast and i fainted.  I have had anxiety ever since.  Some heart arrhythmias can mimic anxiety attacks and are really hard to diagnose because they can be paroxysmal (suddenly start and suddently stop without warning).  Often times, you can be having an issue with your heart rate, but it will only last 3-4 minutes and its not happening by the time you call an ambulance or go to the ER, the EKGs always come back fine...

That's what happened to me, I was told for 11 years that I merely had anxiety, but I was telling the doctors that I was only anxious because my heart was going fast.  I complained of chest pain, and being shaky, other symptoms, but they told me it was all anxiety.  Ironically, one day, I had my arrythmia at the doctors office, he witnessed it, and that was it, finally I wasn't crazy anymore.  My heart medication is helping to lessen the attacks of my heart going really fast, and my anxiety is getting better also.  

P.S. Paroxysmal arrhythmias are hard to diagnose because they come and go so quickly, thats why a Holter Monitor could help to find out... these arrhythmias are also common in late teens and young adults 20-30....

Oh yeah.... the medication, I take Xanax, Valium is supposedly stronger, but it didn't help me at all, Xanax absorbs really quickly.  If i have an empty stomach it starts working within like 5 minutes, if I have recently eaten, it takes a little longer... another key to anxiety medication is to take it when you start to feel even a little anxious, don't wait until you are having a full blown attack, taking it sooner could prevent the attack from even happening...

Maybe this helps, maybe it doesn't...
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Taking these for anxiety is one thing, taking them for sleep another.  I would personally turn to natural remedies for sleep problems first, such as melatonin or Calms Forte, then seek therapy to figure out what's bugging you and as the above post says, always rule out the physiological.  If you can't sleep after trying things that are natural and therapeutic, then go on an actual sleep remedy, such as ambien, not a drug for anxiety which might help you to fall asleep but won't help you stay asleep and will fade in effectiveness over time for that purpose.
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the only reason I have trouble falling asleep is because of my heart racing paxiled the above post nailed it with the xanax unfortunately I don't know how I feel about taking drugs the rest of my life..
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thanks for that info it is comforting to know people are getting helped even though you waited an outrageous 11 years :( I think I'm just going to let nature take it's course if I die of a stroke so be it.
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