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Weight gain due to Lexapro?

My clinician prescribed me Lexapro last week for GAD, and I have stopped taking it due to my extreme fear of gaining weight during this time in my life. My eating habits are phenomenal for a 19 year old female: fruits, veggies, protein, and even carbs (all weighed/measured out and controlled throughout the day). I am considerably active for a college student, and have noticed a healthy weight loss of about 8-9 lbs. since I started eating healthier earlier this month.

Will Lexapro cause me to pack on pounds? I am very good at curbing my cravings and haven't had any junk food in a  long time. I am determined to not gain weight, but will it be inevitable regardless of my eating habits? Or can it be avoided? I don't want to sacrifice my mental health for something as silly as weight gain, but weight gain will further aid my depression and I want to avoid that.

Thank you in advance for all serious answers! x
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You won't know until you try it for awhile.  It will be the same for most antidepressants, as most of them especially those best for anxiety can slow the metabolism.  Results are very individual, so there's no way for anyone to predict how it will affect you.  By the way, fruits and veggies are carbs.
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