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Weight loss due to anxiety and stress over health?

I am 21 years old. Always been a solid 115 for a couple years I somehow never went up or down. Couple months ago I decided to change up my diet. This caused stomach pain and weight loss which started to scare me and I thought something was wrong. Went to doctors and he said its nothing. I lost about 10 pounds during that time. Since then I have no weighed myself because I do not want to know and stress out. Pain in stomach got better after I went to the doctor and he told me I was fine. Now fast forward a couple days ago I felt like I was getting sick. I went to doctor and he told me my right thyroid was a bit bigger than the other side so I started to freak out although I have no symptoms. I spent nights researching it and freaking out. 3 days ago I noticed a swollen lymph node on my right side of neck. I started to freak out. I also got a canker sore on my tongue. 2 days ago I woke up with a sore throat and I couldn't even talk. My fever went up at night and I've been taking antibiotics since. I'm better now but my lymph node still there. Idk if it's from stress and because I was sick. I also noticed my weight went down. I haven't weighed myself but I can tell. Is it because of all this stress? Idk I need help I feel like researching on Internet doesn't help.
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Weight fluctuation is VERY common with us with anxiety. :) Do yourself a favor and stay off the scale. I learned this the hard way.

I can lose 5lbs, even when not anxious, in just a couple of days, without even changing my diet.

This causes anxiety... FOR NO REASON. Just make sure you are getting enough calories and nutrients.

Boost drinks always helped when I had little to no appetite. Hope this helps, and I hope you get to feeling better. I know you will. :)
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Yes, its common in anxiety and depression to have weight loss or gain. Some  gains weight due to emotional eating in stress. I suggest you to take proper meals, make sure your diet include complete nutrition, do some exercise daily to stay fit and healthy. Don't measure weight more frequently, only 1 or 2 times in a month.
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Thank you for your answers and replies. This made me feel a whole lot better
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