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Weird short episodes that might mimic a panic attack?

Hi there! I have been experiencing these episodes for the last few weeks, they are pretty short (less than 15 minutes), however, they are very odd and uncomfortable. Randomly these episodes of pounding chest, throbbing headaches, shortness of breath feeling like I can't get a deep breath, and me getting very irritable.

About me: Im 17, male, white, mildly overweight, eat a fairly healthy diet.

Hope that someone can point me in the right direction of finding out what is wrong. I have never had anxiety or panic problems but feel the symptoms seem to point in that direction.
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Ask to have your thyroid hormones checked along with your heart and lungs. Any fever? Rashes? Infection? Bruising? Confusion? Disorientation? Long airplane trips, blood clotting issues? New medications, other drug use? Life changes? Honestly you should go get checked out... it could be nothing or be very serious. Not to freak you out, but go today!
I have not had any fevers/rashes/infections/bruising. No real confusion of disorientation but sometimes I do take a little longer to feel "sharp". Nothing medication wise, never used. We moved 6 months ago though I do have college decisions that I have to make in the next few weeks that might be adding a little more stress to me. Thanks for the response, I am going to my GP later this week for unrelated persisting back pain so I will make sure to mention this to him.
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Why do you say 'might mimic' a panic attack?  These could BE panic attacks, hon.  Can you tell your mom about this happening?
The only reason I say mimic is because there is no real onset of fear or anxiety that comes when these happen. I can tell my mom, just didn't want to make her worry over something that is nothing.
Anxious people think anxious thoughts.  You say you're not.  Panic attacks usually follow or are concurrent with a very large amount of fear or anxiety.  You say you don't feel that.  I'd say your first step is to get a very thorough physical exam from your doc and proceed from there.
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