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Whats wrong with me?

Hello, Im 15 and for around 6 months now when im alone(inside or outside) i see things that arnt thier and i always think if im walking home or somthing Im never going to make it. I always think im being followed every car i see i think hes after me I hear Very realistic Footsteps always behind so i start running until i dont hear them anymore. Im scared to talk to my Parents about it Because i dont want them to think im crazy..So i talked to my School Counsler and to Go on a website like this and see what other people Think.Please help.
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You are not crazy.It sounds like you have a  very creative mind. We watch a lot of movies and many things we watch are then stored in the back of our minds. When I was young I used to think very similar things.

You should talk to your parents and don't be afraid you'll feel so much better. You can channel these thoughts into something you love to do......I bet you are very smart and creative. If you have not found something you love to do start trying everything, sports, writing, volunteer, photography........

Best to talk to your parents than anybodyelse.

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