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Whats wrong with my mom?

Lately she's been acting really weird she won't talk to any of my 2 sisters or her own sister at that (my aunt) but she will talk to me and listen to my dad but won't talk to him. She awakened me out of my sleep yesterday by quenching my sheets/covers against my chest while she was holding my niece & I said "Ma! What are you doing! The she said "shh " and walked out . This was at 11pm and later on that day she asked me and my sister (this was 1-2 days before she stopped talking to everyone)
And we were like where are we going? She repeated let's go somewhere we said where qre we going and she said to Abuela's house so we stayed over there for a good 4 hours . (This wasn't the first time this mental thing happened to my mom this is the second. The first time we sent her to the hospital for the mentally ill and we got her out because we looked at each other like it was a mistake just because it was a terrible sight to see her in the hospital so we got her released early and we had her stay at our grandmas house because we thought it was best and she recovered and here we are 1 year later dealing with it again. My mom doesn't have friends literally she said because u can't have friends in this country bed with they will turn on you . And she loves to stay inside the house 24/7
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Two possibilities come to mind:  mental disorder of some kind and Alzheimer's.  Somehow you have to get her to someone who can diagnose her, and that doesn't have to in a mental hospital if she's not a danger to herself or others.  It can be seeing a psychiatrist who specializes in older people or even her regular doc if she has one she trusts who can guide her to the right people and comfort her that it's the right thing to do.  Does she have a doctor who speaks Spanish (I'm assuming she does because you used the term abuela)?  But without a diagnosis that you trust you can't decide on a course of action.
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