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Worried About Heavy Multi Drug Use Whilst Depressed, Please Help!


I turned 19 last February and have been doing drugs for 4 months straight, sometimes every day of the month. It all started with Marijuana which answers the question 'Is Marijuana a gateway to harder drugs?' The answer is of course yes in my case and my friends case. After coming from a well educated middle class household, my life suddenly started to change for the worse. My gran developed Dementia just like my grandfather before he died, I lost my job, I lost my girlfriend and the whole family fell apart. Now I live with my gran and look after her but it gets difficult sometimes. I also failed my last year at College after suffering from major depression along with a suicide attempt. There is of course more that made me that way but it is a long story. Anyway I made a new best friend and he introduced me to weed, I have been smoking the average of 3 pure joints a night for 3 months. Over the last 7 days, he has stopped over and we have taken half a gram, sometimes a gram of MDMA every night along with weed. Today was our final day together before he had to go home, so we celebrated by having a tab of Acid. Now he has gone I feel depressed, anxious and very worried about my mental health. Is it possible that I could have made me depression even worse? Is there a possibility that it could really messing me up in the long term? The lack of serotonin in my body has already made it a nightmare to urinate or get any sexual feeling. You see I love taking the drugs whilst with my best mate, he makes me feel so happy. But I know deep down that all my other friends have deserted me and we are obviously addicts which makes me scared.
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Yes, the drugs can cause depression. Along with all of the other things you have going on in your life. Is there any way you can get in to treatment for the drugs. And counseling for your depression? I think doing both would really help.
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There is always hope of getting better if you are willing to. Since your depressed you might want to get on drugs that a doctor prescribes instead of self medicating. I know it's hard to look at the bright side when you have depression but you friend going away might be what you needed to get your life back on track and get the help you need.
Good luck. I hope things get better for you.
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