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Xanax vs Klonoplin for anxiety

Are there any benefit to Klonopin over xanax?  I have been on xanax for anxiety for a few months now.  I'm trying to take as little as possible so that I don't become dependent or tolerant.  I've been taking less than 1.5mg per day, sometimes only 0.25mg.  My anxiety seems to be pretty chronic.  When I don't take much xanax, it creeps up on me until I really feel horrible.  Does Klonopin work as well?  Is it less addictive?  I've been on Zoloft for six weeks now and am still waiting for it to help my depression and anxiety.  The doctor tells me it could be 8-12 weeks before it takes full effect.  I am also getting counseling, trying to exercise, force myself to do things I used to like, but, It doesn't seem to be helping much.

Thanks for you input.
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Dealing with our anxieyt/panic/depression DOES take time and it can become quite frustrating........we are hoping that within a few days we'll be feeling just ducky, but it seldom works that way, unfortunatley. These meds can take quite awhile to accumulate in our systems and begin to help. Patience is the key.
And yes, there are quite a few benefits of klonopin v Xanax. Klonopin will stay in your system for 8-12 hours as opposed to the 4-6 hours Xanax will. Klonopin will "accumulate" and Xanax will NOT. This means that when your body runs out of Xanax, you're running on empty. Klonopin will always leave you with some reserve, you will always be "covered." Klonopin is made for the "long haul," whereas Xanax is "short term," or better yet,  used strictly "prn." (As needed) Xanax will essentially lose it's efficacy after four months of daily use. The alternative? Begin to take more. And when you reach tolerance at THAT level, you take even more. See the pattern? Klonopin seldom requires an increase in dose once a therapeutic level has been reached. It is far less "addicting," even tho I don't care for that word...........I'd rather say it is far less easy to become "tolerant" to it. You must still withdraw from Klonopin slowly over a fairly long period of time, but the w/d is usually not as bad as with Xanax. So, there definitely benefits to the Klonopin and I'd suggest talking with your doctor about switching, which you can do by "crossing over" from the Xanax to the Klonopin. In other words, you don't just stop taking Xanax and begin the Klonopin........that's just asking for trouble. You slowly replace the Xanax with the Klonopin until you're on Klonopin exclusively. If your doctor has any real knowledge of benzos, he/she will know how to do this smoothly for you.
Look up any of Ryan's posts on Klonopin............you will understand it what I'm trying to tell you far better when you read what he's written.
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Thank you.  This was very helpful.  I will look up Ryan's posts as you suggest.

Thanks again.
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Klonopin is very addictive. And if you stop it, even according to the directions, you will get terrible stomack cramps, that last for ever. I had a choice of xanax or Klon. I took xanax. All Phyyc meds are addictive. you get more drozzy on Klon. Xanax works better, switch over. I just stoped Klon. and went into xanax no problem. good luck. Just don't abuse it. Remember, 30day supply, you run out, your screwed bad.
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your wrong, xanax is the better one. Klon. is bad one. try to stop it. and it dose not work for real panic attacks, it works in 5min. if you truly have panic. Whice mite not be the case. i'm used axnax for 15yrs. and with drowel from Klon. is horrible. you'll.
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I was on Klonopin when I first started having attacks about 18 yrs ago and was on it for about 10 yrs maybe longer. I tapered off no problem. Recently I tried going back on it and had negative reactions, nausua, frontal headaches , feeling doom & gloom, no motivation & insomnia. I went back to xanax. I take a low dose .5mg max a day. Its been about 6 months that I have been using it daily. It is not as powerful as when I 1st started as i am not as groggy but yet it still calms my anxiety & I dont see myself taking more daily. There are so many bad posts about xanax but I think people forget Klonopin is a benzo too and can be equally dangerous to take long term.
I dont intend to me on xanax for years but for right now I am trying to get my anxiety under control. Talk therapy and adjusting my Paxil correctly has been a challenge.
Why is it you can get xanax more readily? My GP prescribed me a few months worth but when I asked about Klonopin she wouldnt write it for me!!!  I see a Psych NP for my meds now but previously my xanax and Paxil came from my GP. I never abuse it, in fact some days I wait too long to take it and suffer with symptoms. I wont dare let myself get addicted to any medicine.

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