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Zoloft and hypochondria

Hi all!

A quick background about me I've had OCD and hypochondria for about 30 years. Tried CBD for years, but it wasn't until 9/11 that I realized I needed help. Took Zolot for years and from what I can remember it worked well. Aside from no sex drive and a hard time reaching the big O when my hubby and I did 'get it on'. The sex drive side effect was to the point where I was given an rx to help with that. Was tired of being on the meds and thought I'd give the CBD a go once again. It's been about 10 since I've taken Zolot and I've come to the realization that I may need Zoloft again. My hypochondria is through the roof as is my OCD. The two go hand in hand for sure. It seems like my sex drive is more affected by my ocd, hypochondria than it ever was on the Zoloft. My brain is so full of random thoughts and worries it feels like I can never relax. Ugh. I was wondering if anyone here has hypochondria that Zoloft is helping with.Thanks guys!
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I meant CBT. Not sure where they CBD came from. LOL
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