Im a 19 year old female and have developed health anxiety for 4 months. Here lately ive been doing really well with overcoming some physical symptoms but some have started that ive never felt. I feel a popping sensation in my head but it doesnt hurt. I also feel like everytime i move or breathe deeply bones in my upper body feels like its poping.. Everytime i feel like i over come this i get a new sensation and then its back to Dr. Google. I know its horrible to google your symptoms but i mainly look at forums that other healthy anxiety sufferers go on. If anyone has these same symptoms or knows anything id love to hear back.
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If you don't see an actual doctor, you'll never know, will you?  Google is useless for matching symptoms to disease, because the same symptoms can be a sign of many disorders or none at all.  It can be very useful if you have a diagnosis and some professional feedback, however, as you can doublecheck to make sure any medication info is correct or treatment options are correct etc. by visiting many reliable sites such as the one run by the Mayo Clinic or looking at the NIH website, just for two examples.  But other than that, without any expertise you just can't diagnose yourself.  You have two problems here -- first, something different is happening with your body that you don't understand and are concerned about.  The second is you're feeling a lot of anxiety about it but are doing nothing about it, so that's an anxiety problem.  So again, if you really think something might be wrong, see a doctor.  If the anxiety is becoming something you can't overcome on your own and is becoming chronic, it might be time to see a psychologist and see if there's something that happened recently to make you feel insecure about things or to work on a budding anxiety problem.  All the best.
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Thank you,
I have been to a doctor and got multiple tests done for my health and they all come back normal. I also see a therapist every week and am on Zoloft for my anxiety. But nothing seems to be helping. I know that everything that has is okay with my health but I have had constant anxiety for months now. But will make sure to keep checking in with my doctor and seeing my therapist in hopes that something works for me! thank you again.
Just to say, if you're on Zoloft and you're still really anxious it might not be working.  You might need a higher dose or a different med.  And if you've been seeing the same therapist for a long time and that isn't working, you need a different therapist.  I don't know if what you're experiencing is better than it was or worse or the same, but just saying, if you're doing something for enough time for it to show results and it hasn't, move on.  Something else, a different form of therapy, whatever, might work.  All the best.
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Hi Allie, glad you found us! :>))  Sorry you battle anxiety.  I do too sometimes and health anxiety is common, unfortunately.  You are right.  Sometimes googling too much just amps up and keeps the anxiety going longer.  But it can be hard to stay away from doing it.  

I always think it is best to have a full physical which it sounds like you have had.  You seem to on some level know that your feelings are not due to another health issue other than anxiety and are treating the anxiety.  I really want to compliment you on that!  

So, you take Zoloft. That's a pretty good drug for many.  It is often underdosed though. What dosage are you on?  If it is not really working or worked once and has stopped, please talk to your doctor!  They can then make the decision about either increasing the dosage or trying something else.  How long have you been on it?  

And do not forget the other piece to treating anxiety.  Talk therapy is very effective in helping and I would always try to do that if you are taking medication.  Medication is just one piece of treatment, the therapy portion is really important too.  Life style things can have impact too. This includes getting proper rest and exercise and eating well.  Deep breathing is something probably every therapist recommends and you can try square breathing to accomplish this.  Breath in for 3, hold 3, out for 3, hold 3, repeat.  Meditate, do yoga, if you are spiritual, connect with that.  
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