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anxiet make you feel like you have a real illness

hi i been so sick since nov with all the symtomes i will list dizzy lightheaded body feels so weak pains all over like cramps in arms legs IBS  off balance like i am on a boat i get dry mouth sometimes coating tongue did anyone ever feel like they had some illness or diasess from all there symtomes i just had a test done for diasess like hap b hap c hap a all came back ok i still have more test i been so scared cying the symtomes are so bad it really feels like i have something anyone else haveing the same symtomes and been so scared and the test come back ok
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Hi angelDoll

Yes that is all the symptom of anxiety. I went to drs. constantly back when i first was going through that. The doctors found absoulutley nothing wrong with me infact they said I was in tip top shape very healthy.
Right now I am reading a  book that is helping me get back on track. Just this past weekend I had a real bad attack and since then have not been feeling right. So I'm doing relaxtion excercies and writing positive things down just really focusing on on what my set back is all about. Then turnign it all into positive thinking. Cognitive Therapy really helps it takes time an effort on our part but have to really want to do it.
Look it up online or go to your local library and get a book called
Anxiety& Panic Attacks their cause and cure
By; Robert Handly with pauline neff
It is a excellent book I really think it will help you understand what you are going through.
I know what you are going through and It is tough,But just really try to tell yourself your fine and in great health and you will get better.
Goodluck to you and I  will keep you in my prayers
Your friend
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