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i had to go to my clinic to day as i had a bad weekend,just could not cope with my panices and anxiety. my doctor changed some of my meds,im on , 5mg diazipan,150mg veniflaxcine, 10mg propanalone,25mg promazine. with my attaks i am sick, my eyes can not fix on anything at all,feel hot then drain cold, teird,can not eat and have not eaten for 3 days.please what can i do, please leave me a message and let me now, i need help just tell me, im at the end?
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Hi Catgirl,
I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time but you have done all of the right things, you have been to the doctor and you are taking your meds. You need to give them time to work, it is horrible waiting for them to kick in but they will eventually.

Try and eat something, i know that it is probably the last thing that you want to do but you need to keep your body strong in order to fight the anxiety. Or if you cannot eat perhaps jsut try some smooties or fruit juices so that you are getting some vitamins into your body. Exercise is also good, try going for a fast walk and see how you get on.

Good luck
Sam x
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Your name suggests you keep a cat or cats. And if you are allergic to cats, the reactions can trigger anxiety and panic like symptoms -especially regarding breathing, increased heart rate, etc. That's a stretch, I know it is, but I'm looking at all the suspects here. Otherwise, while that's quite a cocktail of drugs you are taking, they were prescribed by a doctor, so taking then at least as a trial is the right thing to do. You Brits are a bunch of tea drinkers, so maybe some camomille tea might sooth, as well. Ultimately, a course of therapy will help you get to the botom of the problem, so you can get back on TOP of your game.

Hang out with us -it does help.
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