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anxiety for long..panic attacks..severe acidity..left chest heaviness

hi  I  have been suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks for  last 10 -12 years now.. all these due to jobs, family ..I have been doing well and very badly due to various reasons in jobs..family getting affected badly and then seeing them suffer makes you go deeper in depression.  I have been trying very hard to get back to normal life but it seems it going to take a long time..  I started with trika sr .25  twice-thrice a day..then reduced and then having few others.. I had some incidents dues to which I am scared if my own heart beats rsing high..i think it will go very high and then...... I have had one bad incident of my heart bear running very high for few hours and after that I was never the same...for last 9 odd years.. I was super athelete and now I am adark shadow of my own..i carry water evevrywhere I go..even for 10 meters ro 20 meters..or 1 kms..I carry something eat..one chocolate in my pocket all the time..   things have improved as life has stabilized a bit for last 3 years..i am taking ezeepam plus 10 mg now..half a tablet at night and then at sos trika or lonazep .25.  I have started doing excercises again..but only stretching for 45mints and walk for 20-25 mints..   I have sever acidity refluxes..i have back pains..i have cervical spodylytis..  I have always this fear that my heartbeat will rise and I cant control it..i panic and anxiety never seem to end..but I am determined to fight and I have 2 kids and wife to look after..  I want to get over this.     is thereany advise from anyone..  I am most disturbed by 24 hrs heaviness in left chest..burpings and anxiety causes pain   in left chest ..hands..leg even.. heaviness is in left chest and in left side of left breast..lower in the breast..if I eat small foods a lot of times I am okay..i have to avoid lot fo fodds  to not to have acidity and refluxes.. I take pantosec dsr to relive of acidity at time.. ..any advise will be of great help..i want to be same athlete without fear..  I don't know how..but I want to do it..  
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I forgot to mention that I have been taking  nebi .5 for last 4 years now.. its simply fear which makes this accry on I need it..i don't know
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hi i also have a  anxiety disorder and stomach problems pain in my body also you should see a doctor about this to be on the safe side of things but i know that  anxiety can make you feel like your haveing a heart attack when you are haveing a anxiety attack remember that on a scale from 1 to 10 it can only reach 10 and it will go back down  when    haveing a anxiety attack  it  will make it worse if your afraid of it dont be afraid of it please let me know if you understand what i mean ok
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I know..but we both know its not so easy.. I am trying...12 years of nonsense wont go off in a matter of days and months.,.its going to take lot of time.. I am trying and will keep trying... thanks for ur kind words..  
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There's only one thing I can suggest -- you're thinking of this all wrong.  Your job and your family are not the reason for your anxiety and depression.  Your way of thinking is.  I don't know why we think this way, but if we didn't, we would be able to handle these outside things.  Therapy can help you see this, though I don't know it will help you overcome it.  That's harder.  As for your stomach problems, this is an area doctors are often ill equipped to handle long-term.  Drugs often create permanent problems.  Sometimes you have to go that route, but you should at least try natural plant products that don't suppress acid by help to heal the system.  Some examples are DGL, aloe vera juice, but there are others.  Might help at least with that part of it, and it might not.
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Hello....be encouraged. ...you can get through this....it may take time but know that by talking about it alone you will get better....I have experienced similar pains in my body as well and am considering accupuncture.   If it works I will let the forum know. Full disclosure I am a Christian so my faith in God knowing that he doesn't want me to stay like this helps me when I am really going through some rough days. I also have a wonderful wife and two children that want to make me get better also....hope this helps you...Godbless and keep pressing on!
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