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anxiety from taking Lexapro

What can I do differently to complete my wellness efforts ?
Bariatric Roux-N-Y patient -71, Sepsis Survivor(lost 55 pounds and maintained weight 5 years at 155-160. Now 140 pounds overcoming life long Candidiasis- yeast infections. Changed diet to exclude Candida overgrowth for over 2 months going on three. Depression and anxiety started as I had withdrawal symptoms in May.  Dr. put me on 10 mg. Lexapro with .25mg Xanax to cope with anxiety. Take in morning and have tried to limit Xanax. Tried going to 20mg. with much anxiety and more Xanax.  Well into 2nd month and feel "normal" for very short periods of time. Low energy and fear shocks prevalent all day. Sleeping Ok and in very good physical condition. Still functional and I volunteer. Please offer any helpful support.

Thank you
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I can relate to feeling normal for short periods of time on lexapro. I'm in the same boat. Are you on 20? Perhaps your body is metabolizing it too gast? You may want to ask your doctor about that? I am on 30mg which is higher than the norm but it's not very effective for me unfortunately@
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You say you suffered anxiety because of withdrawal symptoms.  From what?
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Eliminating Candidia overgrowth from life long case of Candidiasis.
If you google it, the information will tell you about this.
Hope this is helpful
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That leaves me confused.  Withdrawal happens when the body is dependent on a drug and you stop taking the drug.  If you cure candida it should make you feel better, and where would the withdrawal come from?  Unless you're saying you used some kind of drug to kill the candida and you're withdrawing from the drug.  The reason I asked is, if you have anxiety from a known source, medication just suppresses the feelings but doesn't treat the problem.  These drugs are usually used when there is no known source for the depression or anxiety or it's too severe for therapy to work until it's controlled somewhat.  Systemic candida is a serious disease, but one should feel better after it's cured, not anxious.  Unless, again, the way you killed it was one in which you used substances that damaged your immune system and your intestinal flora, which are very important in mental health, and again, taking antidepressants won't cure this.  That's where I'm still confused.
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The withdrawal from candida kill off occurs when you change your diet to no or less sugary foods, including fructose and any food ending in "ose". Also eliminating all enriched white flour products that have very little nutrition, just like sugar.
Recent National Geographic title page "SUGAR" compares it to cocaine and other addictive drugs, from actual research. Therefore when you cause Candida kill off from diet change or from taking anti-fungal supplements, you can expect withdrawal symptoms. Googling any of these terms could be helpful.

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I know that sugar has been called addictive, but really, comparing the withdrawal effects of stopping sugar to that of stopping heroin, for example, or an antidepressant is not equivalent.  Most people who stop sugar intake feel better, not worse.  Now, I don't know which anti-fungal supplements you're talking about -- do you mean drugs or something such as oregano oil?  Because killing off yeast with natural remedies usually doesn't cause the die off of the intestinal flora that drugs do and therefore would not produce "withdrawal."  Likewise, ridding the body of candida through diet takes a very long time, and again doesn't therefore produce a "withdrawal."  I don't doubt what you're feeling, I just question your reasons for it, and the reasons have everything to do with whether antidepressants and the like would be appropriate for you vs. some other treatment.  The anxiety and depression caused by candida is far greater than anything caused by cutting out sugar and white flour.  You're entitled to your opinion, but having spent many many years managing health food stores and watching so very many people alter their diet to an anti-candida diet I never once saw any withdrawal.  To the contrary, I only saw people feeling better.  I guess we'll just have to leave it with me feeling confused and you telling me to google.  Peace.
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