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I was a heroin addict for 4 years, im now on suboxone, been on it since january. I wanted to know if theres anything out there that helps with anxiety. Iv always had really bad anxiety and panick attacks, but now there worst. sometimes unbearable at work and other places. I cant take xanax or any othr  benzo due to the suboxone, its considered abuse. and i dont want anything addictive, but something maybe like xanax that will really help. any suggestions?
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Wow. Quitting heroin after 4 years? That's incredible. I have only tried a few drugs myself (speed, ecs, cocaine) out of curiosity, but could see how easy it can be to fall into the trap. Good for you for getting out.
I've also been a guinea pig to anti-anxiety/antidepressants on two separate occasions, and neither experience was one I would repeat or ever suggest to someone else. The side effects are not worth it. All you have to do is a little research on the medication you are considering, and you will see thousands of people upset and frustrated with the crap that comes along with it. Confusion, sleeplessness, drowsiness, disinterest, slowed metabolism, weight gain, lack of energy, brain "shocks" or "twitches", decreased libido... the list goes on. I can personally say that I am still fighting the effects of Cipralex 4 months after discontinuation. And I was only on the damn stuff for 2 and a half months!
Not worth it. Please, please try alternative, natural herbs and supplements before heading to the doc's. Kava Kava, St John's Worst, 5-HTP and Lavender root are ancient well-known herbs that can have just as much, if not more, of an effect on the brain without the harmful side effects. You can find these at any health food store.
Hypnotherapy is also becoming more and more popular for it's effect on the subconscious mind, where your stored memories/addictions/fears take place. It's unfortunate that so many were quick to rule out hypnotherapy for so many years, but luckily more are beginning to see the power of it. Some have walked out of only one session no longer carrying a fear or addiction they've had with them they're whole lives.
Definitely worth looking into.

If you can quit a heroin addiction you can overcome anxiety! No prescription meds required!

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