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Ive been suffering with anxiety for about 11 years and for the most part dealt with it pretty well but in the last year it has gotten to the point where im convinced im dying. Im due to see a cardioligist on the 27th of feb and im petrified of what he might find. anxiety is ruining my life i cant work or do anything socially anymore and its putting real strain on my relationship with my girlfriend because when i met her i was going through a good spell. I have a constant tight chest, i get heat palpitatioins and all the other usuall symptoms but im worried that there is something the doctors are not seeing.
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It sounds like anxiety. Have you had anything happen to increase it recently? Seeing a cardiologist will helpfully ease you mind that you are not having a heart attack, it is very hard for people with health anxiety to truly believe that they are ok. Seeing a therapist or trying CBT etc may be a very good option for you. Just think about all the times you thought you were going to die, but you are still here and probably healthier than you realize. We waste our lives worrying about the what ifs. I suffer the same problem. My husband tells me that wasting my time worrying is not going to change any outcome, so why waste my life worrying. Sometimes that helps me. Not always. I hope you are able to get help and start to feel better, I know its no fun living the way you are.
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I really sympathise with you my friend and also commend you for dealing with it by yourself
However I think you are very wise to get yourself checked out as it can dominate your life as it did mine
I exercise and practise Yoga and deep breathing but was given an anti anxiety Med. by my Psychiatrist to use on 'as needed basis'.It has really helped to break cycle of anxiety and I have never abused or upped the dose
Am fairly confident all will be well with the Cardiologist as the symptoms of high anxiety mimic heart problems but it is good that you are checking it out
Please let us know how you get on
Good Luck
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You might be right. Have your adrenals tested. High cortisol causes anxiety.
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i no exactly what your are going thru i had 2 severe panic attacks like a month apart each other and i have been going to the doctors every other week because i having these thoughts that im dying and i just keep telling my self that maybe my doctor jut isn't taking his tme to check me right he continues to tell me that its me just worrying alot and then from time to time i get very depressed when the thought crosses my mind because of my two kids and my family sometimes i feel so hopeless. but i hope that everything goes ok with at your doctor visit and please do let no how it goes
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I have a problem with the whole anxiety in general. I already know that it is a chemical imbalance. What i would like to know from a professional is what causes that chemical imbalance? I haven't been able to get that answer from anyone, so i started making assumption of my own and it has worked out pretty good for me. It is what we consume. once i started eating healthy and i don't mean following the latest advise from a magazine. i mean eating fresh food and avoiding processed meats , canned vegetables , soda and etc. i started feeling better. i also realized that my stomach was triggering the whole thing. The crap that they put in our food is killing us and making our bodies go into a type of shock. You don't have to believe me, i'm fine with that. But i feel like it is my obligation to at least tell you the truth that the doctors want tell you. They also make a profit off those pills they give you that numbs the bodies sense that tell you there is something wrong. I must say they do help you get through the day but you should only use them temperaraly and then wheen yourself off as you reboot your body by giving it what it needs to function correctly. Fast food is your enemy and so is anything that is not natural
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I certainly go along with healthy eating and, yes, crap food can cause all sorts of problems. However, even eating good food (and I have all my life) something can go wrong with your chemistry. In my case using inhaled steroids for the treatment of asthma resulted in an adrenal malfunction. Hence anxiety and panic attacks. I stopped using that poison and have been treated for adrenal fatigue.
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adrenal Fatigue? Have you been checked out for fibromyalgia?
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I'm not saying doctors are useless but if they don't know the answer, they will try and come up with a chemical solution through medication, especially sense they make money from that. I certainly know how it feels to ball up in a corner and wish for death and yes i have taken anti-depression meds and they do help but they don't cure. The cure is to eliminate or treat the actual cause. the anti-depressence will become a crutch if you don't find the true cause and 20 years down the road who knows what kind of new side effects they'll have on TV about these drugs. I can see it now...... bleeding from the armpit, twirling eyeballs and vomiting sweetpeas even if you don't eatem'. I don't trust medications and with good reasons.
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