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My dr has given me Buspar for my anxiety attacks. I don't know if it is really working and I have been taking it for around 6 months now. I want to try something else, but I am scared to try Xanax, because of its(or mine) addictive personality. I was wondering what everyone thought about this.
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Hello there,

Xanax is a short-term treatment usually to get rid of a panic attack or waiting for another long term treatment to take affect.

If you want to try a different medication i would suggest an anti-depressants in the SNRI ( Cymbalta , Effexor ) or SSRI class ( Lexapro , Cipralex ). Even if you are not suffering from depression those medications are used to treat long term symptoms of anxiety and they show great result in studies.

One thing you should really try tho is talk therapy. It can cure the problem to the root.

Other options that will help are physical activity and healthy diet.

Best of luck,
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Question. Did you ask your doctor for a form of medication that is non addictive? Or does he know of your fears over the addiction aspect of things? Most tablets are the same insofar as once you go on them you have to come off them slowly if that day arrives. But Buspar is said to be a lot easier on the addiction front. As in it is not as bad as the other forms of medication. So maybe, just maybe, that was why he put you onto the Buspar. As it stands we can only really second guess as we are not all doctors. Just people like yourself trying to get by with problems. So it would be very hard to suggest any form of medication that is not addictive or will have no withdrawl effects if you ever need to come off of them. That covers nearly all tablets. Buspar been the best of them all in that aspect.
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Maybe this will ease your mind.  Buspar really hasn't shown much success in studies, so if it's not working, it's because it usually doesn't.  It's more often used as an augmentation of an ssri.  I'd also be careful about using snris if anxiety is your main problem, as they can be stimulating due to their effect on norepinephrine.  They're better if depression is the main problem, and even then can increase anxiety.  They can also work wonders, but if you're going to try something, ssris would be a better place to start than snris.  But what you try is up to you, and don't forget that these meds are supposed to be used in conjunction with therapy to enable you to better utilize it.  I would give therapy a good shot before doing medication, providing you're still functioning well, but that's just me being cautious.  As for a benzo, while xanax can be good for panic, if you're going to be taking something for a long time they'll usually end up putting you on klonopin anyway, so you might want to start there.  But this is again up to you and your psychiatrist.  
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