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dealing with emotions on the job and I think anxiety.

how do I deal with emotions on the job.  I have hard time when the normal chef is not there. The chef was subbing.
said I should know how to do everything after two weeks. I have always been slower at things. He asked the young guy to show me how to  recycle cardboard. It made me feel belittled.  How do I learn to not cry on the job. How do I deal with people talking down to me because it takes me longer to do things. It makes me feel stupid and I know he thinks I am not capable. The main chef is more understanding it has always taken me longer do things I may not understand the first time and it make take me numerous attempts to get . Why do people have hard time if people are slower than they are does not mean I am incapable it will just take me longer to do things.
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Speak up for yourself, first of all -- tell people it takes you a little longer to learn sometimes but once you learn you never forget.  If you know inside you are capable you will be.  But what you can't really change is that some people you will have to work with in life aren't very nice or very understanding and have very different amounts of patience and caring for the people they work with.  Those people you just have to tolerate until they offend enough people and get fired.
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