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Hi everybody I don't know where to find support anymore, I took a test at 3 months (rapid insti) and a test at 5 months ELISA both negative but still I'm worried to have got HIV, I still think is the 6 months window period still there or can I consider my test conclusive? I think because i feel guilty and I'm beating up myself. Don't know what to do, even If I take a test at 6 months I may not believe it
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I think you are spot on and I will take those comment on board. Thank you
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If you have come here from the HIV Prevention Forum, then your risk has been correctly assessed, You've also been told that your first test at 12 weeks was conslusive. The test at 5 months was unnecessary, but should have given you total peace of mind that you DO NOT HAVE HIV.
If you believe that if you were to test again at 6 months, you probably wouldn't trust that result either, then your problem is HIV Anxiety and you need to seek therapy.
You can begin to help yourself by getting educated about HIV/AIDS. I would urge you to refrain from any form of sexual encounter until you understand how HIV is transmitted. Since you obviously don't know what does and what doesn't constitute safe sex, you should probably abstain until you learn how to protect both you and your partner.
I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but people KNOW there is a risk out there and yet they just keep on having sex and then freaking out. If people got educated, the number of new HIV cases would drop drastically and HIV anxiety would virtually disappear.
Be part of the solution............learn about HIV and then teach all your friends, and they can teach their friends and we can keep paying it forward until everyone is educated. And disease free.
Just think about it, OK? I'd really appreciate it.
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