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i'm not sure what this is.

so, for the past three days i have been experiencing this weird feeling. it feels like i'm dreaming & that everything isn't real. I don't really know how to explain it, but i know what i'm talking about.

so pretty much, for the past 3 days i have been feeling like i am in a dream. & i can't remember a lot of things that i did. i've been sleeping a lot* & i'm eating A BUNCH, but i'm rapidly losing weight.

Does anyone think they know what this is? if you do, please help!
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You need to discuss this with your parents and get in to see your doctor for a thorough check-up.  Anxiety and depression can create what you're experiencing.....except for the rapid weight loss while still eating a lot.  See your doctor and lets go from there...okay?
We're here if you need us.  Take care.
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thank you! & i talked to my mom about it & she said she's going to take me to a doctor. thank you both! :)
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I agree. Get to your doctor. The symptoms you described are strikingly similar to my sister's symtpoms and then she was diagnosed with celiac's disease (gluten intolerance). She was feeling anxious and like she was in a dream state and was eating but losing weight due to the fact that her body could not absorb the proper nutrients.

But I'm not a doctor so def go get checked out so you can start feeling better. It could just be anxiety but regardless of what it is the first place to get help is from your doctor.
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