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lexapro 15 mg

Feel great after a month of my lexapro being increased to 15 mg,will this feeling last heard sometimes the feeling good can sometimes fade,for the first time in a long time i feel normal want to stay feeling this good
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Sometimes a dosage increase is needed.  It usually depends on how much stress you are under and how you are handling it.  For me, when my stressors increase, so does my anxiety even though I'm on meds. It just really depends on HOW much stress I'm under.  Also, our bodies change as we get older and stay on meds so sometimes things just need to be tweaked.  

This is not something to worry about.  Just knowing that the medication helps should alleviate your anxiety.  I spent years telling myself "well if it gets really bad, I can always go back on medication."  And guess what...when it got bad...I went back on medication and I'm feeling great.

Take care.  
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thanx 4 ur reply,yes this is my 2nd time going back on lexapro 1st time i have had dosage increased and thank god its working great,i went through yrs of hell without help finally i had 2 get something 2 help always refused meds but glad now i decided 2 try them thanx again
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