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lexapro withdrawal dangerous?

I have been on Lexapro for 2 years 10 mg for 1 1/2 yrs and 20 mg for the past 6 months. I am unable to refill my prescription this month because it is just too expensive I had to choose between the lexapro and the meds I take for for a heart condition (cardiomyoathy). The withdrawal symptoms are terrible I was on this med for general anxiety disorder  I feel so bad now I can't decide if I am having a mild panic attack or if this withdrawal is really going to give me a stroke or a seizure or something. Does anyone know if going off this med cold turkey is dangerous or if it just makes you feel like its dangerous?
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It is never advisable to stop an anti depressant cold turkey...it does tend to maximize withdrawal side effects.  More importantly, have you talked to your doctor about this?
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It's not advisable to stop any medication "cold turkey" without the knowledge and consent of your doctor. I understand your financial concerns, but there are some alternatives available, the first being your local community mental health center. Prescription companies also assist consumers who cannot pay for their medications. Here are two links which may ne helpful to you;



Check these out and see if you can get some assistance here. Regardless, let us know how you are doing.

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Parents, especially, step-parents and pseudo educators are quick to get a teenager hooked on a drug that treats symptoms rather than addresses the cause of depression and anxiety; and work with a person to hale them deal naturally with a depression or anxiety problem. Once hooked, it is difficult to get a person free. The worse of all world may occur. as no one knows the long term adverse affects these drugs may have on an individual. Unfortunately, my grandson is on this drug, and I am high resentful of the division made by his stepmother and father. I would rather they sent the child to live with me, and let me deal with his anxieties rather than experiment with this drug. If anything bad happens to him, I will hold them responsible.

I am more convoked now than ever that Dr. Laura is right and divorced couples should not remarry until their children are mature adults. l feel the this is particular tee with weak men who are dominated by their wives. No divorce parent should have the right to put a child on a drug without both parents’
consent - regardless of who has custody.

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