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medication for life?

i am weaning off lexapro (on 2.5mg ), and just when i was really glad that i 'll be off medications soon..my doc said that i shudnt be surpised if the anxiety returns and that i might need long term medication... now does that mean people with GAD can never be medication free? i have found of late that exercise has been of great help for me, my mood is so much better and i am able to get thru the day much more easily... but i also have to admit that i have become rather dependent on the lexapro, it does calm my anxiety and i guess its a psychological thing -  i am at peace and feel more confident and calmer when i know i have taken the medication. i also carry the pack with me no matter what, even after i have taken the dose for that day.. it just makes me feel better to know its in my bag and its my rescue kind of thing.. the thought of not having it in my bag whereve i go, freaks me out. i m so scared that i might lose control and freak out in public... so coming to what i wanted to ask, does this mean those of us who have GAD can never be meds free? there is a way out right? i m sure exercise and therapy will help it? i dont want to be so dependent on the meds for the rest of my life :(( maybe i can try other immediate anxiety relief meds? so i can carry those with me and in  an emergency pop one?
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