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memory problems, stress related?


I am a 20 yr old male. I have been having trouble with mental information, for example, remembering the last name of a high school friend, remembering a football team that played a week ago, and forgetting words in a sentence. It usually takes 2-3 minutes before I can remember.

This has concerned me as this is normal everyday information that I seem to forget on a basis of a few times a day now.

At my age should this be a concern? Or could it just be stress/anxiety related?
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I had this same thing happen over the past 5 years. I denied it for about 3 years and then talked to my doctor. It is extremely frustrating. My doctor explained to me how it can be anxiety and depression related and I am sure I wont be able to explain it in the same terms but basically our minds are constantly focused on negative things, always turning and rarely shutting off. It can end up leaving little room for things such as names, numbers, addresses etc. I use to remember numbers for everyone I knew. Same with I have been desperately trying to remember the last name of a co-worker who actually set up my husband and I on our first date and I cant. When we learn to channel our thoughts more productively he explained that we will be able to remember things better. He recommended things like crosswords, word puzzles and other things like that to keep my mind sharp. I would talk to your doctor and just have him aware in case he wants to run any tests and then go from there.
Good Luck
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