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my daughter is 6 and has adjustment disorder and anixiety

can someone please give me some advice on how to handle her when going to school she has started kindergarten this year and i am having a hard time getting her to go in the mornings she has been diagnosed with this and i am scared she is going to have a aniexty attack and the school is not helping me what can i do please help me!
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Patience and understanding is definitely key in dealing with this in my opinion.  Has your daughter been seeing someone to talk about this?  Also, as important, have you gone to see a therapist about this as well to learn about this condition?  Learning about how your daughter thinks and what she is going through will help you understand how to deal with it much better.  You have come to the right community and please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

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hi my daughter is 4 and her child psy has said she has very high anxiety levels she has refered her to cams can i ask what other symptons does your daughter have apart from not wanting to go to school.
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Does she have a fravorite toy? send it to school with her, add a family photo. Such simple things could help. It will get better but having things to remind her of home, her comfort zone should help ease the transgression. Just a thought.
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