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physical anxiety symptoms


I'm am 29 years old, and i seem to be going through something wierd in my life, it all started with twitch in my middle finger, it soon progressed into a slight tremor in my left hand, i noticed it when I was drinking a beer. Didn't give it much thought until tremor got a little worse, ofcourse at this time I started to panic, i am kind of a worrier, i look up on- line and i notice a disease called on set parkinson's disease, ofcourse i thought into it and thought i was a possible canidate, that is when the symptoms got alot worse, off balance, constant muscle spasims, face going numb, my legs feel like there shaking, my body feels like its shaking some i went figity fingers, muscle pain in arms, I saw one doctor, and two neurologist, and all say these are just anxiety, but with that in mind i still feel the symptoms.  They say i don't Have Parkinson's disease, but how can you be so sure if Parkinson's itself causes Anxiety, i seem to have all symptoms, but my doctors are convinced that i do not have Parkinson's Disease.

So many questions, Is this really just anxiety? Maybe i should just listen to my doctors and just try to cope with it? the main thing is why do i experience symptoms if i'm not an anxiety state? Is it possible to have anxiety and not know it? somebody please help me out!!!!
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My hands shake when I spend too much time typing on the computer. Doesn't scare me but it could be a sign that something you are doing is hurting your hands. My middle finger does it too when I use the mouse to much from clicking on web pages. Just a thought. Takes a few days away form the computer to reverse the shaking. I don't know just coming up with a possibility. It can actually go quite far up the arms.
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I know this kind of thing can be frustrating.  If you've had a pretty decent medical work-up...you can be confident that your docs are telling you the truth.  Parkinson's would be SUPER unlikely for someone your age...and also there are Neurological symptoms/signs that would be very obvious to the Neurologist upon examination.

First thing I would advise is to stop searching the net.  You'll scare yourself silly.  

The next thing that might be a good idea is to actually address the anxiety.  Even if the anxiety is secondary to the tremors....there is anxiety and it would really help you if you addressed it.

Go back to see your doc and sit down to discuss some of the treatment options.  After you start addressing it and give it ample time.....if it was indeed anxiety...your symptoms will improve, then dissipate all together.  Worth a shot, right?

Remember too...the physical symptoms that anxiety produces are VERY real.  They are not imagined.  They are real sensations brought on directly from anxiety.  If you search the health pages under "anxiety"...you will find a HUGE list of symptoms...and that list continues to grow daily.  

Give the anxiety treatment and chance....at least give it some thought.  If that's what it ends up being.....you will be the most fortunate person...b/c believe me...you'd MUCH rather be dealing with anxiety vs Parkinson's.  

Lastly...if you are a heavy drinker/binge drinker, or partake in any drug use (no need to answer)...that could also be the culprit as well.  Never hurts to mention that....just as an FYI.

Good luck!  Keep us in the loop!
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