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shortness of breath all day long

I'm 18 and worried about Congestive Heart Failure , shortness of breath for the past 40 days?

it all started with me getting this type of ( panic attack ) 40 days ago while i was lying on my bed getting ready to fall asleep when i realized i wasnt breathing well and got up to go to the hospital ( 5 am ) i stopped the vehicle and got out gasping for air and started getting numb everywhere like a feeling of ants in my head, stomach, and my hands were paralyzed but i somehow managed to call my father using my index fingers, so he can come and pick me up, when i arrived at the hospital , they checked me up and said nothing was wrong. for the next weeks all i have been doing was trying to figure out whats wrong i took a chest x-ray , electrocardiography test ,blood test , stethoscope , and all four of them gave perfectly fine results to my health . but the breathlessness is still there . please help me this is urgent and no one seems to care ( family, friends etc. ) they think im exaggerating. Symptoms- shortness of breath , abdomen bloating when i breathe in ( sometimes ) , weird noises in my heart and lung area , somewhat like the noises your stomach makes, weird and deep cough that i've had for a month now but the thing about it is that , it's a desirable cough like whenever i want to cough i do , not by force if you know what i mean and thats when the deep and weird feeling in the cough comes.

i've been smoking 7-12 ciggarettes a day for the past 3 years and a half , ive been smoke free for almost 4 weeks now due to obvious reasons

PS : the panic attack happened exactly 4 days after a long dentist appointment for 2 root canals and his work was kinda messy he didnt use the rubber mask for my face

Breathing = 8 breaths per minute     51 seconds is the longest pause bearable without breathing       31 seconds is my longest exhalation.
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Yes it can i also have shortness o breath 24/7 and I have had it for years. Doctors did all sorts of tests on me to see if i had asthma and some other breath tests. But it all came down to anxiety, after you have a firt panic attack your constantly in a state of "what if I have another one?". If you have anxiety it's with you all the time. Unfourtuanty that's what it does:(
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i have shortness of breathe and tightness of the chest and for several days can this be part of my anxiety?
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anxiety can have this paralyzing effect on the human body
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