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social anxiety and medicines

I am a male in my thirties experiencing depression and being socially timid.  I find myself in a weird part of life right now because I change careers, I don't know if I married the right women, and the crunchtime for kids is on.

With all these stressful issues I decided to talk to a psychiatrist and social worker office to help me work things out.
As far as the medicine for helping with depression and anxiety, I have yet to have it help.
First was Lexapro 20mg for about a month and a half.  I had no changes still sad and socially nervous.
Then the doctor switched me to Zoloft slowly adding the dose to 200mg for about two months.  This did not help either.  I thought for sure Zoloft would be the one that would really help me so I am starting to feel like these medicines are not working for me.  The doctor then tried Effexor XR 300mg for about a month or two.
Unfortuntately no change.  Still worried,stressed, and socially timid.  Then the doctor tried a combo of 200 zoloft with 150 Effexor for about a month and a half and no changes.  

I am now on a combination of Cymbalta 120 mg with Seroquel 50 mg (taken at night) because I was told it has a synergistic effect.  I have been on this combo now for almost a month and do not feel any better.  If anything one is making me feel more tired and socially vulnerable.

I have also used xanax and clonazapam but have become tolerant to the doses prescribed.  They helped a little bit with the anxiety but I felt tired and grogy after a while.  dose of xanax reached about 1.5 mg two times a day.  Clonazapam was about the same 1.5mg two times a day.

Any suggestions on medication that I can recommend my doctor or ask him that might be more effective?

Thanks in advance
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I am sorry that you are having problems finding the right meds. Unfortunately it can really be trial and error before one gets on the right regime as you are finding out.  During all of this, have you been having good conversations with your therapist?  While Zoloft worked for me, it only started really working when I started making progress during counseling.  I know it is so very frustrating, but you are doing the right thing by recognizing it and confronting it.  Stressors in life can really bring out anxiety and depression and make life's challenges even more difficult.  Welcome to this community...you will find so much knowledge here...don't hesitate to ask questions and share your experiences!
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Hey there man.  I have just gone through some major anxiety and depression issues.  I suffered a seizure while at work.  Due to an extremely stressful job.  So, I was put on Celexa,  didn't work made me, wicked sick.  Then we tried Effexor, that is the drug from hell!  Made me worse so I quit it cold turkey.  Now I am on Buspar and Ativan.  It's awesome.  A great combo for me.  Maybe for you too.  Try to remember, you are not a guinea pig.  Are you speaking to the right people?  Question them from now on.
Let me know how it works out.

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