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wellbuterin vs lexapro

i was having a lot of stress and was also sad( family trouble) my doc put me on wellbuterin, 150  a day..was doing fine, didnt really notice anything, guess thats good... i had been on it a few months when i started having panic attacks in the middle of the night, at least thats what i think it was, my heart was racing, i was chilly and i ran to the bathroon with light diahrrea...it lasted about 3 hrs the first time then 2 days later it lasted  an hour til i decided to take a xanex, it must have worked because i woke up in the morning fine, i got scared because that doesnt happen to me, my doc changed me to lexapro  20 mil ....that day and said to stop wellbuterin, i felt lethargic and was so scared about the weight gain... i cannot gain weight! im 50 yrs old...i asked my nurse if i could break it to 10 mil a day and take it at night...going to try that, i didnt take anything yest, was trying to decide what to do and i got dizzy when i was at dinner last nite... this stuff is messing with me, id rather just stop it all but my daughter asked me to give the lexapro a chance so i will but at the first sign of weight gain im off it...slowly of course..
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Wellbutrin can also cause weight gain, and sometimes Lexapro doesn't.  But you might be going through a withdrawal from wellbutrin.  Wellbutrin is for depression, it can cause anxiety, although since yours didn't come for six months it's hard to say.  But if you're going to be on a drug, with your symptoms, better lexapro than wellbutrin, though you could try therapy and natural medicine first.  Just feeling stress and sadness is no reason to go on medication.
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