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what are your symptoms

my anxiety symptoms are.. constant headache and eye pressure..feel tired all the time cant sleep more anxiety when im laying down..feel like if im in a dream..feel like im about to faint..stomach ache..depressed..sad all the time but dont show it to people..feel like im ganna die any minute..heart and chest pain.. what are yours??????
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Mine are chest pain of course :/ I feel a "weird" feeling in my neck. My shoulders, back and side feel like they hurt (tense from anxiety and stress). When I have a MAJOR panic attack, I feel like icant get a deep breath, BAD chest pain like someone is pressing on my chest and feeling I'm in the dream state. Others come and go but those are the ones I live with daily. Been to ER several times and had several tests and of course all normal..just anxiety. Its so very scary, but very real feelings. They suck for sure, but I am learning it is just anxiety and trying to get better anything understanding it.
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i shake and tremble, heart palpatations, feel like I'm losing my mind or that I'm goin crazy and will do something crazy, obsessive irrational thoughts... some people call them the "WHAT IFS". Like what if I'm crazy, what if I jump in front of car? All thoughts that make you feel like you need to be hospitalized and it *****!!! I also feel out of touch with reality and everyone around me. I get confused about my feelings and those around me...even my loved ones and my dog for that matter. It's a scary feeling no matter what. I just try to keep telling myself that those thoughts and feelings are not real and I will get through it. It's really hard to be so positive when you go through this but all you can do is try!
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