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what causes anxiety?

what caused my anxiety was because i tried ecstacy...... im wondering if anyone else has gotten anxiety because they used drugs?  and what else can cause anxiety?
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No more needs to be said. Another druggie who ends up with anxiety. Sympathy is so hard to find in some cases.
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I need advice badly! I am a mom of a 17yr old addict(ecstacy,pot and now hydrocodone). I took him yesterday to be evaluated for intensive outpatient. I have tried to find a facility in or out patient that will take him and keep him. All they keep telling me is he can walk anytime he wants if he doesnt want to be there. Well, guess what! He does not want help and so therefore, I cant get him help! What happened to him being a minor and us having control? I cant believe there isnt a place on this planet that cant lock him in. He is ruining our lives and his and just cant see any of it. I honestly feel that if the drugs dont kill him, he will kill himself. I found out yesterday, that hes doing a little dealing too. I am running out of time with him as he turns 18 soon. Please someone help us!
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My mother has severe anxiety caused, in part, by three major doses of morphine.  Unfortunately, this was the pain relief medication used after undergoing three major surgeries.  Today she is 84 years of age and a "basket case".  She has always had some anxiety (an inherited trait, I suspect), but since the surgeries (and the anxiety issues increased dramatically with each additional surgery) there appears to be no solution.  Such a sad case!
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mine were also caused by drugs. And I believe that sympaty should be given to anyone with anxiety. I find its the people who try drugs to "be cool" and who are oblivious to the world that run free and enjoy drugs and life and have no worries. Its people like me who took drugs because he wanted an escape from the world and partly peer pressure and who now regretts it and will never try it again but is now stuck with this hell that deserve at least for people not to judge. There are people doing drugs....injecting needles in their eyes...robbing people....who feel fine...I tryed it for a month or two and now have my life ruined......

Whatever you think, upto you. Drugs arent always bad....if u have anxiety from drugs its usually cuz u were anxious before and the drug brang it out of you. If you arent sure your going to enjoy it dont bother, seriously. Biggest mistake of my life.

Oh and for those who are going to judge....some anti-depressants you are on now are probably doing more damage to your brains chemicals and body than some illegal drugs...think of that ;)

Im sorry...im just so annoyed at the "anxiety"

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They can no longer hold people against their wishes. You have to sign papers, that is the patient, stating that you are there of your free will and you will accept whatever treatment they wish to use. You can also sign yourself back out on day 1 if you wish. The only way they would keep someone is if they considered that person to be a threat to himself or those around him. Sad really. Have to want to committ suicide or kill your family before they admit you to any mental hospitals these days. Public ones especially. Private take anybody because you are paying. But they must be willing to go in as a patient as well.
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you can get a panic attack from using drugs which can later on cause anxiety...
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I have anxiety, but I havent done drugs, I dont drink ect ect...  

Also No there isnt any sympathy for peeps who are druggies...because no one holds a gun to your head saying do it!  Drugs are your choice...  and peer pressure, I dont believe in..because I have had peeps try and get me to do drugs... so take responsibility for your actions...   You are the one who pics it up and do it... no one else...  You are your own person...and not anyone can make you someone your not...  

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we all make mistakes in our lives and we need to learn from them, i have read a post from a guy who had a panic attack by using pot, and everytime he use it he would get an attack, NOW HE really dont deserve any sympathy, if you just tried it and had a bad effect from it and you have learned your lesson then we shouldnt kill you for it. the hardest part is that you have been there and you will not go back, we should not judge people because of there bad habits, we all have one or two, give the guy a break, he's young and needs help, no one jugdes you when you do dirt, we're not here for that, i know im still new here but i know wrong from right, and i know its wrong to make someone feel like $hit when they already feel like $hit, its like kicking someone when there down.so if no one wants to answer your post, ill be one to say yes pot, ex and any drug can bring on panic attacts which can lead to anxiety.

i hope that help and i hope that dont stop you from posting again
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But we got here from the non drug abuse road. We all had the same chances in life and we opted not to go near drugs. Never feel any sympathy for drug users I see on the streets. They'd just as easy put a knife in your back whilst you were feeling sorry for them. I'd rather my sympathy went elsewhere. To people who ended up with anxiety due to a realistic bad turn in life. Not through drug abuse.
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That is a real s***** thing to say, if people are looking on this site for support maybe not so much sympathy ....Why not be their to lend support to that person not sit their on your high horse and look down to make them feel worse the they already do... If  people come to this forum is to look for support if you can not be support system for them why say negative things ...Just because a medication is given to you by a doctor does that not make it a drug that you are taking and sometimes those medications can also  lead up to getting anxiety....People don't come to this forum to be kicked when they are down so think next time you write if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything!
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if anything i joined this site for support on my problems not for people put me down... if anything i asked for help not for your opinions on people who use drugs so next time just dont say anything and keep your thoughts to yourself...
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Oh bless. Forgive me please. Let me share your pain. In fact I would like to take your pain from you. Can't say fairer than that now can we. For nothing as well. What more could you ask for. Support? OK. I'll give you support. Here's a crutch. Only support you will get off me. You make your own problems by dabbling with the drugs. Now you have to learn how to sort it out.
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