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zoloft starter and parenting

I just went to the doctor today because I thought I had anxiety or high blood pressure. I was having high blood pressure from anxiety attacks.. Needless to say the doctor wanted me on a antidepressant. My husband travels, I have two kids 6 & 2 with a very stressful full time job.  My doctor told me he wanted me on Zoloft and he told me it can effect the feelings I have with my kids. I told him that I did not want to be on a medicine where I do not feel happy towards my children. He said he will put me on a pediatric dose since I am hesitant and maybe if my kids drew me a picture that I would be happy about that....................Ok, my question is this.. Can this medication really not make you Care about your children or you can not feel love for them? I want my son to play ball and want to go to his game and look forward to it.. Can someone explain to me if this will really happen. I made him put me on a Very low dose because I can not bear that thought. Sorry so long of a post. !! I appreciate any feedback. Thank U!
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While everyone reacts to medication differently, I have had experience with Zoloft a couple of times with very positive results.  When doctors prescribe these medications they weigh the benefits versus the risks.  For me, it actually opened up my feelings and allowed me to concentrate more and have more time with my family.  Anxiety can consume you once it takes control.  Now, in my experience there is no magic pill that will 'cure' someone of anxiety, but combined with talk therapy it is VERY useful in my opinion.  Now, you may feel some side effects when you first start taking it and it takes a while to 'kick in' but I honestly have more adverse reactions from taking a Claritan.  Remember for every horror story you read on the internet, I bet there are a hundred success stories out there as well, so don't focus on the negative.  Go in with an open mind and ensure you get some sort of therapy along the way and I bet everything will turn out just fine.  Also, please keep us posted!
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