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hi guys has anyone any experiences with zoloft? how long does it take to have an effect? has anyone had alcohol on it? any side effects? i realise everyone is different but i`d just like to hear of any experiences
thanx x
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In my experience with it, I actually prefer it.  It can take a little while to kick in just like other SSRIs; it took around a month or so for me.  Initially it raised my anxiety a little bit, partly because I was nervous about taking it, but in the long run I believe it helped me immensly when it was combined with talk therapy.  Let me know how it goes.
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last time I was on Zoloft it saved my life, now with the new panic attacks coming have been considering zoloft again. as for Alcohol. I would say NO, I look at it this was if we have a problem and go to hospital we don;t ask for a beer or a mixed drink, so why even consider alcohol at this time, while we work on ourselves.
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hi im glad zoloft helped you,maybe you should consider using it again as for the alcohol the only reason i mentioned it is i enjoy going out to have a beer as it gets me back into a sense of normality i love going out with my hubby and friends it helps me get away from my anxiety for a while.
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