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Sunburn like sensitivity pain under my arm

I am experiencing very sensitive to the touch patch of skin under my left arm, moving down to my elbow. It feels as if its sun burnt (but its not) or if you shave your armpits that prickly sensation when the hair just starts growing back...?
When something like my tshirt brushes the patch its very painful.
I began getting the uncomfortable pain while i was on vacation in the Dominican Republic on my 3rd day. I have been back in the US for 3 days now and its seems to be getting worse. I never got sunburnt while i was away.
There is no redness, no rash, no spots - nothing... sounds strange i know, but as im typing this now... its hurting!

Im a 30yo male, I do have a slight cold which i think i picked up on the plane home. I dont take any medication and have never had anything like this before. There have been some reports that this could be resulting from stress....? i keep thinking what i have to stress about and i cant come up with anything major...

The pain is only on the surface of the skin and not deep, and all i can describe the pain is like a sunburn/ache.
Could it be a mosquito bite/Spider bite that i dont know about?? so confused

Any Help please????

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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

YOu should see your doctor about this.  This could be shingles which is caused by the same virus as chicken pox.  Shingles can be very painful and can be contagious.  YOu definitley need to get this checked out.  Good luck.

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