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Wrist injury

3 weeks ago I was lifting a metal ballet bar ( which I do all the time in ballet class) and I felt a strain in my right wrist. After about 20 minuets my wrist started to get swollen. Then a squishy lump formed there and now after three weeks there is now a hard bump that feels like a bone but it hurts to touch it and it does not hurt all the the time but it hurts when I do many simple tasks. The bump is located on the underside of my right wrist to the far to right, it is not the bone that everyone has on the side of your wrist where your thumb is but slightly to the left of that and I don't have it on the other hand. So I would like to know what that is.
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I am not sure what is causing the painful bump you have on your wrist. It is possible that you have strained it or done some damage to a ligament. I would recommend that you ice it and try to rest the wrist . Avoid any repetitive motion with that wrist if possible as it heals. If it continues to bother you, I recommend that you have it checked by a doctor to make sure that there is not an injury that needs treatment.

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