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breast pain and missed period


I was diagnosed with a fibroadenoma lump behind the nipple. It usually hurts within 10 days before I am supposed to get my period. And my menstrual cycle is usually between the 28-33 days.

This month, I am a week late on my period. Since day 3 of my missed period, the breast that has the fibriadenoma lump has been hurting and the nipple of that breast has been super sensitive to a point where even wearing a bra hurts it. My nipple on this breast usually does hurt within 10 days before I am supposed to get my period but this is way after that time period.

This month my boyfriend and I have been extra careful...sex with condom n he has always cummed outside. I took two home pregnancy tests on Day 6 of my missed period and both tests came up negative. Should I take another one and If so, when?

Could my missed period and super sensitive breast nipple be caused by something else? Also note that only the breast with the fibroadenoma lump has been experiencing this. The other breast has been completely fine.
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A home pregnancy test is most accurate 1 week after the first day of a missed period. This gives the hCG (pregnancy hormone) level time become high enough to be detected in urine.

It is possible that your period is just late. Sometimes stress, diet changes, weight changes, hormone fluctuation can cause irregularity. If your period returns, I recommend tracking it to see if the cycle returns to its normal length and patterns.

If your period continues to be irregular, or if it does not come again next month, I would recommend that you speak with your doctor. Your doctor is best able to diagnose what is causing these irregularities and work with you to find treatment options to regulate your cycle.

I hope that this helps.

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