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my daughter is 4 and now a have a son who is 3 weeks  my daughter never had a prob going to the bathroom now she poo in her pants all the time why please help me.........
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HI and thanks for using the forum.

Congratulations on your new baby!  It is an exciting (and stressful) time for a family when they have a new addition.  It is also stressful for your 4 year old daughter and often when new babies arrive, older children will regress a little.

Your little girl has had all of your attention her whole life and now there is someone new who is probably getting a lot of your attention.  I am sure that your daily routine has changed a bit and this causes stess for children.  So, don't be too concerned right now.  Also, try not to make a big deal out if it.  Be sure to encourage your daughter to use the bathroom as she has done in the past and praise her when she does.  If she has an accident, try not to make a big issue out of it.  Gently remind her that she uses the bathroom now and be sure to give her reminders during the day to use the bathroom.

It would be helpful if you could try and spend some time with just your daughter and you during the day (maybe when the baby is napping).  Read books, play a game or do whatever your daughter likes to do.  These things help reassure her that even though there is a new baby, you still love her.  

One thing I did not mention first is to make sure that your daughter is not constipated.  Sometime when kids are constipated they have more accidents.  So make sure this is not an issue as well.  

As always, if you are concerned about your daughter, you can bring this issue up with her doctor.  They may have some ideas for you as well.  Good luck.

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