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My little boy who is now 17 months old has been told to have ataxia by his physical therapist. I am just courios if this is true?? His symptoms: He was born with scoliosis and at 6 months old he saw an orthop dr who said it would probably straighten out on its on....Well we took him back at a year old and it was straightened all but about 10% and he said it looked great....well he is not walking yet but he is pulling himself up. He is very wobbly and when he does walk ( with assistance) he walks on his tiptoes. He moves his head from side to side as if saying no but does this pretty frequently and he also hits a his ears alot ( no ear infections). He seems to be pretty strong but when he sits up he has a bow in his back (sits sort of humped over-bad posture)...He attempts to crawl but scoots on his head or just rolls over to where he wants to go.....I want to see if other children walk with this problem and I would alsolove to know if children with this problem out grow it or learn to live with it.  Anyway if anyone has any suggestions I would be very greatful!!!1
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hi darnellsteve,

as you can see this forum is rathher slow that it just begun not long ago.
Since it is sa patient to patient forum the dorctors are not on it.

Has  your darling  son has been seen by pediactric neuros? If not, i would make that  number one your next step and priority, and best seen at a larger hospital or university.

While p.t. do see  array for patients, they can nott make his diagnosis.

The National Ataxia FioundTION may be a good place to look aorund , there is alot of info at the site from Ataxia of all kinds., and there are ALOT of  typpes of ataxia that can be disease itseelf or a syptom of other reasons.

Sorry, but I wouldn't be able to make any kind of assumptions about his prognosis. I know it must be hard for you all, and fightening   to say the least.
Until he has been seen by doctors who can compeletly evaluate him, try not to get too far  ahead of yourself.

I hope this was any kind of help. Let us know what you think and find out.
be well and love that  baby uup !   amo
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have him general check up so that you can assure with his health.
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