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Please tell me what's wrong with me.

I have several problems. I'll go from top of the body to bottom telling you symptoms. Here:

Head- Hair loss (When I run my hand through my hair, or use a wide tooth comb a lot of strands of hair will come out, it can't be normal), severe headaches (I get them daily. Was diagnosed with chronic daily headaches but nothing helps)
Eyes- Seeing floaters, and near the corner of both eyes it's blue.
Throat/Mouth- sore throat when awakening
Neck- back of my neck on the left side is hurting
Chest- pain ( not all the time )
Area between my shoulder & elbow- Burning pain (not all the time)
Stomach/Bowel issues- discomfort in my stomach, diarrhea right after eating, bloody stool (sometimes bloody diarrhea), painful bowel movements, urgency (almost went in my pants once while taking a shower), bloating.
Girl issues- heavy menstrual periods, very irregular, starting to get shorter (was 7 days long, now 5. Remind you I'm only 16) TERRIBLE cramps and backaches
Hands/Feet- always cold. Stiff when waking up.
Other things:
• random back pain in kidney area yesterday. Lasted almost 5 minutes and was absolutely terrible. Then went away
• I pass out and get dizzy when I stand. (I'll stand up from sitting or laying down. My vision goes away and it's black. I pass out and my body shakes. Then I'll wake up a few seconds/minutes later. It's 10 times worse when I take a hot bath or shower. I can feel my heart racing. It gets up to 150 bpm and my body shakes and I feel nauseous.
SOMEONE please help me. I just wanna know what's wrong with me. Reply ASAP
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I also have tmj!
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Hi MadiBogden.

I'll re-read your post again a little later and send you a reply when I get a chance.

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Hi. None of this is normal for a 16 year old. You need to be seen by a Pediatrcian for a basic work up and referred to a gastrologist for the bowel issues. What have you been through so far on this for diagnosis and treatment? Are you telling your parents about the bowel issues?
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Yes. I've only been diagnosed with chronic daily headaches. He said they weren't migraines. And I've told my parents about the bowel issues and they shake it off and say it's hemorrhoid but I don't think so.
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It could be hemorrhoids especially if you have a significant history of constipation or encoporesis in childhood. However, you are quite young to even have this condition and untreated, frequently bleeding hemorrhoids make you susceptible for infection. If you consider that every time a hemorrhoid bleeds that means there is a break in the skin and because stool passes that area, bacteria like e.coli can enter the break.   Anytime there is blood in the stool it should be investigated.

If you don't feel that you have hemorrhoids, listen to your instinct you are probably right.  

I do believe that you can call your pediatricians office on your own and ask to speak to the pediatrician or nurse.

You can also speak with the school nurse.
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Hey MadiBoogden.

I suspect that you may be suffering from nutritional deficiencies due to gut dysbiosis, chronic stress (including hidden stress) leading to adrenal issues and possibly Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid Axis imbalance.

Refined and soft foods, early on in your life or nutritional/mineral deficiencies, injury/dental issues, stress and adrenal issues may be the underlying causes of TMJD.

Headaches could be attributed to a number of causes such as deficiencies,
dehydration, candida (yeast infection), tmjd, hormonal imbalances and so on.
Hair loss could be attributed to nutritional and mineral deficiencies , stress,
low thyroid function (causing decreased circulation and affecting the hair follicules), low adrenal function, malassezia (fungal pathogen) etc.

Please tell us more about your lifestyle, diet,  family and relationships, traumas and injuries, childhood negative events, previous infections and serious illnesses and whatever esle you may consider significant to mention.

Best wishes.
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My lifestyle is great. I'm active. I play basketball, volleyball, softball and I'm a cheerleader. My family is good. It has some fighting going on, but it doesn't bother me. And I have a lovely boyfriend and we've never fought! The only injuries I've had are concussions. I've had several through my life and all of them were mild and they've never caused me problems. There was also nothing that happened during my childhood. I'm always sick so it's hard to tell you what all happened. The only thing I can think of that was pretty bad was the ear infection I had last night. I was hospitalized and they thought it spread to my mastoid but it luckily did not. And there's nothing else I really find important.
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The fact that you have experienced a number of "mild" concussions, raises a red flag.
It is the possible cumulative effects of these injuries, which  may include post concussion syndrome, that may go undetected in the beginning, makes them more difficult -if not impossible- to connect to other health issues down the road (hence your statement "they've never caused me
problems" cannot be verified necessarily as accurate, since you have no way of knowing.

TMJ for example could be missed as a consequence of a mild concussion.
The temporalmandibular joint is a hinged bone structure, which connects the mandible to the scull and while a concussion may take place without any bone injury or fracture, damage to  this joint, given the fact that you're involved in all these sports and have sustained several concussions, makes this possibility stronger.

Your ear infection could be related to TMJD and this should be ruled out as
the jaw is so close to the ear, pain could be experienced as it comes from the inside of the ear, as an ear infection.

In TMJD there are complex neurological interactions , possibly causing
many of your symptoms (the majority of TMJD sufferers experience chronic headaches) and this alone could explain much of your pain and suffering.
Adding the chronic stress factor from TMJD (could be hidden) and exasperated by daily stressors, put a significant burden on the adrenals, where low adrenal function is  suspect and it needs to be ruled out as well.
(Low adrenal function could impact any part/organ/system of the body with an almost endless list of possible symptoms, as it puts the body on a catabolic state-low energy state- as a survival mechanism, which is much easier to treat in the initial stages)
Low adrenal function is not recognized unfortunately by conventional
medical doctors, until it becomes a crisis!
You need to see a Naturopathic Doctor, who is not bound by the protocols of Conventional Endocrinology, to help you with this ,.and also a holistic practitioner knowledgeable in TMJD, to facilitate a proper treatment for you.

Should you need any details with any of this, please let me know.

Note that my comments and suggestions are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes.

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Thank you for the suggestions. Also two days ago I found this painful lump near my vagina. It's like in between where the vagina meets the thigh. Like bikini line. I don't know what it could be
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Your painful lump near  your vagina could be caused by a ingrown hair that has caused an infection (the moisture around the vaginal area makes it an ideal environment for bacterial infections and it is rather common.
If you apply a warm compress or soak in bathtub, it should eventually drain (pus and blood), but if it doesn't, then it's probably wise to see your doctor and have it checked out.

Take care.
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Not sure if you've had this solved yet, but I have lupus & have many similar symptom. Kidneys act up once in a while for me but this can be a bad complication of the disease. Ive always got sick easy if I was exposed to a cold or flu. I am very conscious of germs because the Lupus medicine supresses my immune system. Put simply, the disease is my immune system not working properly. My white blood cells attack my joints, connective tissue, glands, & organs. Kidneys are often affected. I have chest pain due to swelling of the lining of my heart, there's a joint where each rib meets the sternum so that also gets sore, hair loss is common, weird skin rashes (rash on nose & cheeks in the shape of a 'butterfly' is common, but not everyone has it), sun exposure can make it worse (for 15 years I thought I had pimples on my chest but it was a rash, I now get it around my hairline, on my ears, hands, arms, back, chest, etc), my thyroid is affected which causes many symptoms you mentioned like constipation, sweating, fatigue, weight gain/loss, many people lose weight fast without diet, 'brain fog' (hard to concentrate or remember things), etc. Do some research on a few trustworthy sites. If you think it could be Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthrits (similar symptoms) the Dr can do blood tests to confirm it. Most commonly affects women between 30 & 55 years old but it can affect a person of any age and men can have it as well. My symptoms started at age 12. My knees got so sore i could barely walk and stairs were torture. My Dr said it was cartilage & had something to do with puberty & by age 15 it was better. I had other weird things like I had a brown patch on the back of my neck once, like a birth mark about 3" x 1" so they sent me to a dermatologist who said it was a birth mark, i said I was not born with it but they said I just didnt notice the giant brown patch (neither did my mom who always did my hair) for the first 15 years of my life. It went away a week later & now they said it was gone so don't worry about it, muscle spasms in my neck kept me from moving as little as possible, sometimes for 2-3 days. At 17 I had pain in my muscle between my shoulder & elbow so they said I kept pulling a muscle (later found out it was basically swelling in my shoulder joint & when my arm moved the muscle was 'pinched' in the joint so it wasn't even caused by my muscle, it was a joint). At 18 after 6 years of being told it was nothing i went camping with friends & i had pain in my hips & shoulder so bad the had to lift me off the ground (i was healthy, active, and weighed 115 pounds). I went to my dr 2-3 times a week & sat there until he saw me & FINALLY they did a simple blood test that showed i was positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis (very similar to Lupus & the same swelling causes joint pain in Lupus patients). Eventually symptoms of Lupus showed up & the diagnosis was change.  Now it's been 25 years & my flares last longer & may include vertigo, neck pain, severe migraines (I've called ambulances twice & EMTs said they've never seen anyone that sick from migraine, extreme fatigue, ringing in my ears, low fever, without being sick, severe pain in almost any joint at times, severe pain in some joints every day (spine, knees, feet, & others). Everyone is different. My glands swell often including a glands in my groin on one or both sides with pain similar to swollen neck glands. People often go into remission & that can range from months to years. New research & new meds are coming out all the time . The hardest part - fatigue & people who lack compassion. I try not to complain - it doesn't help & is unpleasant for myself & others to listen to. I don't interact with unsupportive people as life is too short to worry about their judgment of me. I only expect they simply trying to understand & empathize. Negative stress is not healthy for my brain, which means its also not helping my body so I choose positive people & positive environments.. The way I see it, you either let the disease run your life or you can run the life of the disease. It will not define me. Some things cant be made better but you can learn to cope/do it a little different or less perfect. Trust your instincts, your feelings, & do the things you love, even if it takes you a little longer to do them. Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion if needed & a GOOD Dr who listens to you is more valuable than  any medicine. If it is this disease it is scary at first but a positive attitude goes a long way (but every once in a while you can have a pity party & a good cry, this is also quite healing when it's needed. Good luck!
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