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vitiligo and hypothyroidism

about three years ago i was diagnosed with vitiligo. can anyone tell me if hypothyroidism is anyway connected with this.
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Contrary to popular belief, Vitiligo is NOT treatable, preventable nor is it something to have to need treatment, it's NOT contagious, or life threatening,
I have also Epilepsy, and hypothyroid,
I have had Vitiligo since I was 6yrs old, (hmm.. less than a yr after severe head trauma which left me with seizures as well) I have it all over my body, yep, when I was young, kids can be very cruel, and even now, some adults are inept at niceness.. (once I had two grown women in a restaurant I was at, on the way into the bathroom look at me as if I had leprosy and one said "I tried not to touch her!", so on the way out of the bathroom, I fake coughed and ran my arm on her)  my friends with me, couldn’t stop laughing.

Our family went to an amusement park, and in line children stare, they can't help it, but being children they don’t ask, so when I see it, I explain in simple terms, its called Vitiligo, its not contagious, its just they way my skin is, and offer them to feel the skin as it feels the same as any other skin.. some felt it, and ask more questions, some just say 'oh' and stop staring, either way, I have taught them, and now they know.
Education IS the key.

THIS IS ME, like it or not.. I have 2 grown children who thru growing up with a mom who was 'different' have much respect for others who are different in anyway or form. They even played at the park with conjoined twin girls, never once stared, or thought any different of them (two heads one body, seen on tv))

If they see someone else with Vitiligo, they smile and wave, maybe even tell them their mom has Vitiligo as well. My white spots move around and change, last year I had one looked like a heart on my tummy, this year I have twin spots about the size of hands on my shoulders, my friend says "it where my angel wings were" I also have a white patch of hair, and a few white eyelashes.

The only time I ever had any of the white spots fill in color, was when I was pregnant with my son, my knees completely filled in, after I had him, they went back to white.. I think they should start looking towards hormones as a cause or explanation. But as for treating Vitiligo?, don’t we all take enough medicines Rx as well as herbal already as it is?
Do we really need to add another, just to make those who are uneducated in it feel better?
=) Always carry and apply sunscreen, feel good about yourself, and others will follow..
Have a great day..
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Have you learned anymore about the connection between your vitiligo and hypothyroidism? My husband was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid (actually, it isn't even functioning). He has had vitiligo for many years. We are just starting to put the two together!
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Yes, it is:

Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin disease in which the absence of melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) causes a decreased pigmentation in the skin. Vitiligo is 10 to 15 times more common in patients with other autoimmune diseases, such as Addison disease, diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia, discoid lupus, and abnormal thyroid function. This disorder has only recently been identified as an autoimmune disease because organ-specific antibodies have now been detected in patients with vitiligo. The autoimmune reaction leads to destruction of pigment cells (melanocytes). Pigment cells are what give color or tint to the skin. Vitiligo has a tendency to run in families and may follow unusual trauma, especially to the head. The disease may also be referred to as leukoderma.

Autoimmune diseases occur when these reactions inexplicably take place against the body own cells and tissue by producing self-reactive antibodies. In vitiligo, the autoantibody is directed against the melanocytes.


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