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Excruciating Chest Pain with POTS?

I was wondering if anyone else with pots experiences excruciating chest pain?  Not just tightness or discomfort, but severe pain, usually accompanied by fast heart rate. I have to take either/both codeine and tramadol and still tend to have some pain. I've been to the ER for it but all tests came back clear and they sent me home with a minimal dose of tramadol so unhelpful. This is along with all my other symptoms, including fainting. Another question actually, apparently when I faint it is a full on a collapse, one moment i'm standing the next I've fallen to the floor and out for a minuet or so (longest 3 mins.) Happens often too, most was 12 times in two days. Although I am studying acting full time, so physically demanding classes daily.  Anyone else been told they completely collapse? Also any treatments you've found helpful much appreciated!
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My son has had severe chest pain in the past.  He hasn't had it in a long time, thank goodness.  We rushed him to an urgent care when on vacation a couple of years ago when he was having the worst chest pains he had ever had.  The doctor gave him a shot of prednisone(sp?) and it calmed everything down.  It worked really quickly.  
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Yes, it is completely normal for your body to collapse when you have syncope. I'm not sure who would have told you otherwise. If a person's body does not collapse, it's very unlikely that what they are experiencing is syncope.

Many patients with autonomic dysfunction report occasional chest pain, although the reason for this is not well understood. One thing you want to discuss with your physicians is the possibility of angina. If that along with any harmful arrhythmias etc. have been ruled out, then the issue you are left with is how to minimize the discomfort.

One additional thought: esophageal spasm can present as very severe chest pain and can also be a symptom present in people with autonomic dysfunction. It might be worth talking to your doctor about the possibility of esophageal spasm. Mint (not candy but the actual plant) helps to relax the GI tract and can help with this. You may want to try drinking mint tea and seeing if that helps at all; if so, definitely talk to your doctor about the possibility of esophageal spasm and how best to treat it.
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Thank you for your reply, I'm still awaiting a cardiology referral so I assume they would check  for those things you mentioned. Although it's interesting that you both mentioned the pain to be occasional. Mine is often very regular and happens even if I am just lying in bed... Being a slim 17 year old girl, my chest pain hasn't been taken very seriously. In regards to the fainting I meant that I never start to feel the faint coming on and sit/cling to a wall/person etc. I stand up, then fall smack on the ground and I'm completely out. I actually think I've damaged my neck from all of the falls which is causing near migraines and nausea/vomiting. I did have a 24 halter monitor that revealed some abnormal arrhythmias and sinus tachycardia, so not sure if that's related to the pain..
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