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New to dysautonomia/possible POTS

I'm a 28 year old that recently started having syncope. Preceding that I had EKG changes, mild mitral valve regurg, chest pain/SOB.

I just completed my tilt test where I did not faint but did have hypotension drop and sinus tach.

I've been passing out usually once a day. Sometimes every other day for 3 weeks. I've never passed out before. The tilt did prove its not vasovagal.

Is living with dysautonomia/POTS manageable? Is that amount of syncope normal or abnormal?
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I'm new too!  I think with POTs there's no drop in blood pressure.  So far the worst problem I'm having is brain fog.  I can't think clearly or concentrate at work.  I'm fatigued.  I've had to fight to keep exercising and eat right.  Cant give up.  Did they say what caused it or tell you how severe it is?  There's a CASS score on the test that tells the severity.  Mine started with abnormal echo and ekg.  I had diastolic dysfunction and then started blacking out after they upped my BP meds. It's crazy.  Read but read carefully!  I have kept a library of what I've been reading on Diigo.  Perhaps there's a way to share it.  Chin up!   You can do it!  Oh and did u get compression stockings?  I get mine Saturday.  I just keep saying it's better to be getting stockings than a wheel chair.  
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Thank you for the encouragement! I'm still waiting on answers. Sounds like my CNS is also not converting T4 to T3 either.

I have hyper mobility in all of my joints and have other health issues because of it.  I'm thinking that I had the risk factor already.

I can't think clearly either. I used to be able to tell you the exact minute something happened. Now I can barely remember what my name is half the time.

I haven't bought any stocking yet. Maybe out of rebellion. My cardiologist was very dismissive and condescending. Basically told me I'm passing out because of stress or a reaction like seeing blood. That was his only suggestion besides increase my sodium intake.

I admire your strength. I have not been able to keep exercising. Just do not have the energy and I'm afraid to pass out.

Keep doing amazing. We could all learn from that!
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