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I had my back fused from C1 to T4, a few years ago. I do regular exercises, but can feel my back is getting worse.
I heard about this new method, Egoscue, and was wondering if it might help or do more damage. I've had Ra since early 20's, and this was reason for surgery. I've also taken Prenisone for many years, and know that my bones are more brittle now. I'm 61yrs.old and this is my last "hope."  What do you suggest?
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Dear Friend,
Well i am not too sure about this method "Egoscue". It generally stretched the muscle and the joints and selectively helps in pain control via strengthening.
Being a RA patient with history of intake of Prenisone medicine for long, has made your bones too weak. Moreover you have a big surgery done where a very long segment of your cervical and upper thoracic spine has been fused. This is causing a lot of pressure over the spine along with the weakness.
There is no harm in doing the Egoscue method, but still would like you to take some special precaution for the weak bones. Parathyroid injections are a good way out to build up the loss bone mass in few months time. Once the bone mass is good, then we can start on other means of maintaining the b one mass.
Beside this, there are not many options available.
Hence please have a discussion with a good orthopaedician who specializes in spine or a neurosurgeon and discuss this proposal.
Do let me know as how was the appointment.
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