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injury at c4 and c5

respected sir, my brother who is 40, had become the victim of a bomb blast on 29th January 2007.a A small foreign body (like the head of a match stick) entered his neck and hit him at c4. that foreign body entered the bone making a small hole in it.it did not completely damaged the spinal cord but the spinal cord was partially hit. due to which my brother became completely paralyzed. Only his left arm was not affected.he remained on bed for three months then a miracle happened and he started moving his organs.now he is able to walk with the help of a stick but he is very much afraid of falling. he thinks that he will fell if someone is not with him.now he can sit,stand and walk and he can move his all organs according to his will. i wish to know whether he will be able to walk without a stick again.i also wish to know that how and when it will happen. please give me your precious suggestion.
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