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pro bono lap band surgery

I live in the central florida area and have gone to several doctors who recommend the surgery but also want $17000.  They say if I don't get it I will die.  I just recently was awarded ss disability but the medicare will not start until 2011, which is ridiculous.  I need the surgery now.  Not asking for it to be free but at least accept payments of some sort.  I have uncontrolled diabetes II.  The doctors have tried all kinds of medicine and insulin.  Also now have sores on my feet that are not healing properly and have difficulty walking.  Can anyone help?
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Have you spoken to the surgen and asked about a payment option.  The amount you are quoting in usd is about the same here in australia.   Here people are able to access their superannuation money if the surgeon completes the application form correctly.  Not sure if you have a similar program but look at every option.  Remember also cheapest doesn't always mean the best.  You need to be happy with your surgeon, have rapport with them and understand that a lap band is a lifestyle change and work out if you can do it or not because there are ways to sabotage the lap band and not lose weight with it.
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Need the numbers for doctor's  that will take Medicaid for the Lap band in FL.   I am willing to travel anywhere in FL at this point.  
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i am a 38 year old african amercan mother of two. i am 300 pounds plus and i am looking for any doctors that will sponsor weight loss surgery pro bono. i have private insurance but it doesnt cover any weight loss remedies. I cant afford the surgery and i feel like i am stuck between a rock and a hard place. all i am looking for is relief from this obesity so that i can be around a few extra years to see my kids graduate school and hopefully become a grandmother. if there are any doctors or any one willing to sponsor this life saving event for me , please contact me at ***@****.
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My youngest sister is 37 yrs old, she has a morbid obesity with over 200 lbs. I know I need to do something about it before she gets a chronic illness. I am looking at all possibilities out there. One of the biggest barrier I am facing, is that I live in San Antonio, TX and she's in Mexicali BC Mexico.

So I am looking for any information for any possible program (pro-bono) that can help her either here or in Mexico.

I am looking forward to any information that I can utilize in order to help my dear sister.

My e mail address: ***@****

Thank you,

E-mail ***@****
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I am just a regular person and I have had lots of friends in my life but there is only one that truly counts. She is always there for me and always wants the very best for me but I so worry about her weight and how it can affect her life or end it. She has not worked in a while and is very unhappy with herself and how she has let herself go. I was just wondering if there was a Dr in Florida who does pro bono lap band surgery for weight loss because I would just love to give her the life that she so deserves. This is one of the best people I have ever met and could not imagine my life without her in it. My email is ***@**** if anyone out there has any information for me.
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