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Depression/Anxiety after stopping birth control

I was on Yaz for probably 4 years and slowly over time I noticed my symptoms would get worse. The biggest thing I noticed was my depleting sex drive and becoming extremely emotional, especially a week or so before my period. Last week I had a nervous breakdown that seemed to come out of nowhere and I got drunk and cut myself. I do have a history of self harm because I did it in Grade 8 but that was almost 8 years ago. Since that night I've sought help through a therapist and we've been working through things slowly. However from reading things online it appears that Yaz may be to blame for all of this... I really started to dislike becoming so emotional while on the pill so I made the decision to come off of it almost a month ago. So is it possible that the change in hormones has caused this severe anxiety and depression? I am naturally a little anxious and emotional myself and my life certainly hasn't been without traumatic experiences but I really can't understand why after 8 years I would return to an awful habit that I believed I conquered. Please I'm dying to know anyone's opinion or medical advice on this topic. Since that night I've had several emotional breakdowns and while I think I'm getting better it's hard to feel hopeful that I will return to my normal self. Anything you can contribute would be so helpful.
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Hi there,
Mood changes , depression and decreased sex drive are the reported side effects of Yaz.In your case I feel there are some other problems winch are leading to these symptoms of depression, mood swings and decreased sex drive. You should try to avoid anxiety and stress. Seek professional help of a psychologist. Also consult a gynecologist and discuss about possible options of an alternative birth control method. Do keep us posted on how you are doing. Only a complete evaluation can help in confirming the diagnosis. Take care and regards!
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