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Antidepressants and night sweats

I am taking seroquel and effexor. I started having night sweats and the doctor gave me cogentin which worked. Has anyone experienced night sweats fromm the drugs? My regular psychiatrist wants me stop taking cogentin but what is an alternative for the night sweats?
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I think I had sweating from an antidepressant.
If you're interested in looking up a known side-effect of a med you could look up rxlist.com.  This may list night sweats as a side-effect.

I would try asking the doctor on the mood disorders expert forum.  He would be better able to advise.

If the medication is causing the problem then the obvious answer is to stop the meds.  I wouldn't advise this though.
Women going through menopause experince similar symptoms.

The depression community forum may be a good place to ask advise too.

I like the advise the doctor on the undiagnosed symptoms community forum gives too.
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